Friday, October 1, 2010

We Could Write A Book With Our Song Titles


That's right, té! Excuse me while I get my fists out of the air. Té could literally power cities with that kind of energy. Except the power would constantly go back out when they go all ambient and stuff, but then the power would shortly be back on again! They're known for their simple, easy to understand song names like this one called "言葉を用いて奏でる者は才能に在らず、ただの記憶に『過』ぎぬ". Yeah, no problem. They're said to put on some of the most thrilling live performances of any post-rock band, but I'll probably never know! The coolest thing about té is that their drummer uses a tiny 4 or 5 piece drum kit. He's not encased in symbols or 20 different toms, so you get the full view of his violent-yet-calculated flailing.

You can't talk about post-rock bands with ridiculously long song names without at least mentioning Red Sparowes. They're not Japanese, so you'll have to deal with that. The full title of this song is "The Great Leap Forward Poured Down Upon Us One Day Like a Mighty Storm, Suddenly and Furiously Blinding Our Senses". TL;DR. Red Sparowes is quite fantastic music, though. They're known for their use of a pedal steel guitar, an instrument most commonly used in country. It's kind of odd I suppose, but it ends up sounding really neat.

On a side note, I've decided to start taking walks with my dog every morning, just so I have some form of exercise. I'm not exactly "in shape", and neither is my dog, surprisingly, so we took it slow today. All in all it was a pleasant walk, and now my legs ache.

Pump up the volume!


  1. Té sounds pretty awesome. Somehow it feels almost close to a noise band for me, except with a lot more structure.

  2. There's an accent over the 'e' so is there supposed to be some special way of pronouncing té?
    I'm not a big fan of this genre of music, but this doesn't sound so bad. I think I like the Red Sparowes song more than the first song.

  3. I'm almost positive it's just pronounced with an "a" like "tay". Glad you liked the Red Sparowes song at least~

  4. Both are great bands. But I haven't listened so much to them.

    Speaking of post-rock, I can recommend Mono (the Japanese one), if you haven't heard them already.

    This, seriously.

  6. Red Sparowes are great, instrumental music is my absolute favorite.