Thursday, September 30, 2010

About A Book

Well, 3 books; it's a trilogy. The Hunger Games is a science-fiction novel written by Suzanne Collins. My brother got this book for Christmas last year, and I proceeded to steal it from him and read it myself, because that's what brothers do. It didn't take long before I was reading a chapter a night, then three chapters a night... Due to exponential growth, I finished reading it in three days, despite saying "I'm gonna pace myself with this one" not 48 hours earlier. Needless to say, I greatly enjoyed
the book.

The Hunger Games is set in post-apocalyptic North America, now called Panem. The country of Panem consists of an extremely wealthy city called Capitol surrounded by twelve consecutively poorer districts. Capitol has ruled the districts with an iron fist ever since the nuclear war that left the country in ruin. Giant walls encase the districts, and going beyond those walls is punishable by public lashing or death from the Capitol guards that patrol the area.

The story centers around Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year old girl who is a resident of District 12, one of the poorer districts. She and her mother and sister live a simple, and peaceful for the most part, life in their small shack of a home. However, the Capitol isn't so nice as to let the districts live out their lives peacefully.

Every year, to demonstrate their dominance and power over the districts, one boy and one girl from each district are gathered up and sent to the Capitol. There they hold a massive dinner for the children in their honor, and then one of them is sent home. That is, after they're all forced to fight to the death in a crazy arena for the entertainment of the Capitol citizens,
of course.

The book is full of well written violence and bloody fights and plot twists and all that good shit. I'm currently trying to pace myself through the final book Mockingjay. The first book has sold over 800,000 copies, was a New York Times Best Seller, and received numerous other awards.

I haven't ever reviewed a book before, so I hope I did alright with this one.

Stay busty!


  1. Little kids, fights to the death... What? Well, thanks at least for the Nono.

  2. I've pirated almost every book I "own."

    I think if I ever start a physical book collection, I'll consider this. Thanks, Natsume!

    Also, the plot of the book sounds too much like the plot of one of my imaginary video game projects. Time to write a new story that nobody will ever see~

  3. I'm starting a physical book collection so I'll definitely look in to this :)

  4. I'm starting a physical book collection so I'll definitely look in to this :)

  5. That plot greatly reminds me of another book by Ben Bova I read a long time ago. I think it was City of Darkness. But that was merely a short novel.

    >Stay busty!

    I wish.

  6. The most recent book I bought was a 1000 page behemoth on essential C#.

    Besides that though, I also got a complete collection of Allen Ginsberg poetry. Or as my grandpa said "That guy who is quite vulgar"

  7. Considering rading your book after you posted here. Thanks a lot.