Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Metal

Gonna take a break from the Japanese post-rock only theme I have going here and talk about some metal \m/.

I apologize for the abysmal audio quality of this video, it hardly does the song justice. Scale The Summit is a progressive instrumental metal band with an average age of 22. This extremely young band got their start at the Los Angeles Musical Institute, where guitarists Chris Letchford and Travis LeVrier set out to form a band. Letchford plays a custom made 8-string guitar, while LeVrier plays a 7-string, and these guys are mavericks of their instruments.

I've been learning this particular song on guitar now for a few months. It's a real joy to play, especially the tapping riff at the end. Maybe I'll post a cover recording some day (if I can ever make good quality recordings).

Shelter Red is an Oregon born instrumental progressive metal group consisting of just 2 dudes. You'll notice that there isn't a guitarist in the video, because they don't have one. All of the guitar parts were pre-recorded by drummer Stephan Hawkes. I can't help but headbang to this song, the riff at 1:04 just kills it.

I'm rewatching Kamichu!. So good.


  1. Didn't think you were a metal person seeing as how you only posted Japanese post-rock. It's good that you don't limit yourself to one genre.

  2. Gotta say, you have great taste in music.

  3. This stuff is great =) So many good bands out there it makes me wonder why we don't hear more of them.

  4. I like a pretty wide variety of music, but I wanted to try and post a lot of Japanese artists that I enjoy, and that people may or may not have heard of.

  5. I quite enjoyed The Great Plains.

    Speaking of which, I'm currently saved in The Great Plains. I'm going to venture into Tall Trees to gather some plants.