Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obligatory Mono Post

What is there to say about Mono? They're the pinnacle of Japanese post-rock as far as I'm concerned. They were one of the first post-rock band that I ever listened to, and it was so radically different from everything I had listened to before that I was simply blown away. Mono is one of those bands that really speaks through their music, and pours every ounce of their emotion into it. Mono are known for their long, quiet, minimalistic songs that can sometimes ramp up into a beautiful echoing wall of sound. One of the most relaxing bands ever.

Balmorhea is an experimental post-rock band from Austin, Texas. Like Mono, they have songs that are very minimal in nature. However, what Balmorhea is known for is their use of more classical instruments, most notably the violin, cello, and upright bass. Pianist Rob Lowe also incorporates a banjo and melodica into a few songs. Balmorhea released their 4th full-length album, Constellations, in February of this year, and began touring Europe with none other than Mono this fall.

How sublime~


  1. Like always, your music blows my mind.

    Both songs were beautiful. Balmorhea sounds like something I'd enjoy while on one of my rainy day walks.

  2. Oh noes! For I have no speakers at the moment. :S

    But the post has me hooked. Gonna be back. :)

    Nice pic at the end.

  3. Mono is so awesome. Music doesn't get much better than this.

  4. Mono is my favorite and first post rock band.

  5. Sounds good, never heard of Mono before this but needless to say, I like what I hear. I like calm, ambientish type music and this is right up my alley. And yes the background to my blog is from "Blame!", you've got an eye for detail Natsume.

  6. Put mono on and totally zoned out, forgot what I was listening to.

    That means it's awesome. =D

  7. Really nice stuff, easy to get lost in that sound.
    like LainIwakura said, I also kind of spaced out on em.