Friday, October 8, 2010

Two Great Music Videos

a flood of circle is a pretty cool j-rock band. They actually don't have too many songs that stick out to me, except for this one. This song is incredibly badass and hilarious, just because of the video.

Supercar is a electronic / alternative band that was around from 1995 - 2005. It wasn't until the latter half of their career that they started experimenting with a more electronic-heavy sound, with their album Futurama. I prefer their music before that album, but it's all good. Supercar is best known for the song Storywriter that they did for the Eureka 7 soundtrack. This PV is so cheesy, and yet so awesome, just like the a flood of circle one.
Caution: There is like 2.5 seconds of NSFW toward the end of this video (3:44-3:47).

Here's the song Storywriter if you need a blast from the past.

Mmm, delicious.


  1. I lol'd at the NSFW warning. :P

    Cool videos. :)

  2. Lol, both funny videos. I especially laughed at Supercar's video, dat porn actress.

  3. Is there supposed to be some kind of moral for that Supercar PV? It was funny, but I'm finding it hard to figure out what the hell it was about.