Saturday, October 9, 2010

Don't Bump Into Wimps

Two very similar bands on this easy Saturday morning, RADWIMPS, and BUMP OF CHICKEN.

I only just recently started listening to RADWIMPS, but the second I heard Noda Youjirou's vocals, I was reminded of BUMP OF CHICKEN and Suneohair and instantly loved it. You'll notice that guitarist Akira Kuwahara is dressed like, and playing the signature guitar of his idol Angus Young of AC/DC. They have a plethora of cool music videos too.

And of course, there's BUMP OF CHICKEN. Hailing from Sakura, Chiba, Japan, they formed in 1994 and have been making beautiful music ever since. The write some of the most emotionally engaging lyrics of any band I've ever heard. If you haven't heard the song [k] and don't mind tearing up right now, go ahead and give that a listen. I didn't want to use it as the video in this post because it is so damn sad. BOC actually started their musical career playing covers of The Beatles songs. They have a song on their 2004 album Flaming Vein called Arue, which is dedicated to the band's waifu, Rei Ayanami.

Cool facts, yo!


  1. Oh god, I love bump of chicken. and K ;_; wow, you have a lot of Nono pictures.

  2. Where does one buy your awesome musical taste?

  3. Wow you warned me about the video.

    But yeah =( at least I have the whole day to feel better.

  4. These two bands are so great, especially BOC.