Saturday, October 2, 2010

1st, 2nd, 3nd.

Ok, just one more before I enter the sleepy netherworld.

This guy must have a japanese instrumental post-rock fetish or something...

Maybe so! But, that doesn't retract any awesomeness from 3nd. Quite similar to te, but different in ways that definitely make them stand out as a band. 3nd just has a plethora of cool ass riffs that never seem to stop, and that I never seem to get tired of. The first song, Walts For Lilly, is by far my favorite song of theirs, but I've also included the song SSK, since they've done a pretty sweet PV for it (and because of DAT FLYING V).

I swear I'll try and mix up the content here soon, so it's not just the same type of music over and over!

Take it easy neat NEETs~


  1. >Take it easy neat NEETs~

    Oh believe me, with the beautiful music you post you've made taking it easy a lot easier. Great stuff man.

  2. Nothing but good music here.

    Shame I'm out of hard drive space. This blog isn't going anywhere though, so it's all good.

  3. Thanks Nono, I'll be extra careful to take it easy~

  4. Thank you for the songs..currently browsin with them playing :]

  5. Thanks guys, glad you're enjoying these!