Friday, October 22, 2010

Sleepy In Australia

I've been rather inactive here due to stomach problems and general sickness. Not sick enough to stay off the computer, of course, but enough to drain any motivation to post out of me. It caused me to miss a few of my extremely hard-to-miss once a week classes, which really upset me for some reason. I usually have no qualms or regrets about missing school, but this time around it did a good job heightening my feeling like a worthless piece of shit attitude, which ultimately led to depression. Let's just say that my ability to take it easy has been severely hampered over the past week.

Trying to write something meaningful when I'm like this is stressful. I can hardly string together coherent sentences in my head, let alone in this little post box. I'll reread everything twenty times before trying to write something else, and very few lines survive the backspace button. It takes hours to write what ends up being read in twenty seconds, and it's frustrating. The worst part is that all this amounts to is a really long excuse, which is something I try my best not to give. However, I think writing things out like this can be beneficial and help me get the thoughts straight in my head, so just write this little bit of rambling off as filler.

It's not all bad news. For one, I'm feeling better, and I also found out about a nice post-rock band that I hope you'll enjoy. They're called Sleepmakeswaves and they're from Australia (hence the post title). I hope my cryptographic blog titles aren't misleading at all...

I'm going to try and start sharing download links to this stuff too.
Download | 320k


  1. Sucks about getting sick, I know how it feels when you don't feel like writing anything.

  2. Sorry to hear about your difficulties. I can relate to pretty much everything you've just written. (Maybe except the sickness.)

    Holy shit, that was nice music by the way.

  3. I would feel bad if I missed a class I usually go to. Hope you get better soon and take it easy. Thanks for the download link for the song too.

  4. Hope you get well soon.
    And thanks for the music, haven't heard them before.

  5. That music really was good. Thanks for the download link.